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We are a Travel Agency from Slovenia.

Slovenia is a nice little country in the middle of Europe with distinctive links with west, central, south and eastern Europe. It is also been told several times it is itself like a little Europe - meaninig you have a bit of the Meditereanian (Adriatic) Sea, a bit of the Alps, the plains of Panonia and that sub-alpine hillside country in the middle.

We have been in EU for some time now, so our people are like the Suisse or Dutch - very good with languages - but unlike them they are also easily speaking slavic languages.

Our agency has been doing tours for small groups from the year of 2000 - but only for the Slovene tourists and only on a small scale. We were also doing some incoming for our guests from USA when they were in Slovenia and we soon learned that these two separate ways of tourism should be joined - and that's how Little Europe was born.

So this is Little Europe now in 2011. We are not a big agency as we do not handle big tours. We specialize in small groups and less travelled places.

All travellers are invited to join our expedition.

Little Europe Team

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