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How We Do It And What's Included

At the chosen destination 2 Maxivans and 2 Driver-guides will wait for the group of maximum 16 travellers. After the expedition ends usually at a different airport as it started, one of the guide will bid you farewell and the other will travel with you to the optional chosen destination should you wish to stay in Europe for few days extra etc. The Maxivans and the second Driver-guide will wait for the third Driver-guide and a next group, which will take the following expedition. So this is really a network of expeditions throughout Europe...

In general; summertime is when we travel north and spring/autumn we spend on the south - so we try to catch the best weather conditions to travel.

The expeditions are just under two weeks time, which for majority of people it's just about enough and if you add a day or two of pre- and post-expedition time you can come to 15 days. Those travellers who enjoy staying longer can easily join two of our expeditions which are sheduled one after another.


The Driver-guides are the most important part of the expedition. They are all fully fit explorers, between 30-45 years of age and have extended knowledge of Europe and at least five years of guiding behind them. They all speak English and at least two more european languages. But most importantly they enjoy to teach (and learn) - and they like their job. And if you are in this wonderful job of guiding - there is hardly a work with less stress and more satisfaction as guiding eight people rather than fifty.


As far as the accommodation goes, we try to pick the hotels, chalets, B&B's or castle-hotels considering their purpose and overall satisfaction. We can choose from a bigger range of small family hotels as we rarely need more than 10 rooms. They are all clean, rooms will always have en-suite facilities, but they may not all have elevators. The driver-guide will be more than happy to help you with the luggage. When we stay overnight in a bigger town, we will always stay inside the walking distance from the city center; when we are in the countryside it is more a overall feel-good feeling we are after.


After some consideration and past experience we decided not to include all dinners in our offer because people are just too peculiar and even picky about their food. Some people do not eat dinners at all, some will not bother and eat anything, while the others are interested only in gastronomic delights or local cuisine. We decided it is better to suggest 3 different restaurants (a top-notch, local cuisine and cheap version) at every place that we stay overnight (unless of course there is not so many alternatives) and provide all the transfers to/from the restaurant for free. The Driver-guides and the van will be at your disposal for any transfers out of the itinerary anyway, as long as it is withih city limits and it ends before they go to rest (usually between 9.00-10.00 pm). Also you will be invited to the first and the last dinner of every expedition.


All major sights, entrance fees are included, the others will be suggested to you by our Driver-guides. They will usually explain everything that is worth seeing to you from the outside, because most sights and museums do not allow any guiding even from our registered guides (because there is no central EU office for these things yet) to protect their own staff. In certain countries - Spain, Italy, Croatia... it is not allowed to guide even while walking through the city and you need a special city-guide. When this is absolutely necessary, we shall provide our friends from the city-guide offices.

And yes our prices are slightly cheaper than those of our competitors - but our services are second to none.

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